Thursday, October 18, 2012

Spay the cat - or when the vet is wrong...

We had a cat, a stray that the kids tamed. It was an outside cat, with 2 large fur puff balls under the tail. It lived outside a couple of years, so we assumed it was a male as it had never gotten pregnant. After it was well tamed, we took it to the vet, got shots, etc... the vet clinic listed it as a male. Fast forward a year or so, and the cat gets an ear infection and has a tumor in its ear. So when I took it to the vet, the vet said "surgery, and when we are done, it will have to come inside." So I said, "well, if that is the case, while you have it under, go ahead and neuter it, I won't have a male cat spraying in my house." Life is good. Then the morning of the surgery: I drop the cat off on my way to work. Then about 9 I get a phone call. "Uh, this is Dr. D. I have bad news about Stripe. After we took care of his ear, we went to shave him to neuter him, and he's a she. Do you want me to go ahead and spay her? It will cost a little more. I know we all thought she was a he. But the fur just kept coming off till there was nothing left. He's really and truly a she. Ok, I'll call you back after I spay her." An hour or so later, the phone rings again... "Uh, this is Dr. D again. This is the darndest thing. That cat? It looks like someone has already spayed her. Yes, she has a perfect surgical scar right where it would be for spaying. No, I didn't do it, and if you want me to, I'll go ahead and cut her open to make sure, but I really don't want to. Ok, good. She'll be ready for pick up this afternoon instead of tomorrow since I don't have to do major surgery on her. Yes, thank you. Yes, I will make sure you aren't charged for the extra surgeries. Have a good day!" That cat lived another 10 years, inside, and was wonderful, except she slobbered. but that's another story!

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