Sunday, January 10, 2010

profound statements

so this past week a lot has gone on, nothing terribly bothersome, just busy. more in the lives of folks around me than with me. but it has led me to make some observations that others have found to be quotable. and one statement that someone else made that i found to be quotable. so, here goes...

the first is by my friend sarah otto. she was talking to a mutual friend and said
"Easy lives don't build great character, Barb! Think about how flakey and boring you would be with an easy life!! giggle"
i really liked that and wanted to put it somewhere i could find it. i guess here is good enough.

the next few are by me, in response to things going on with either me or other friends
rough roads often lead to beautiful places...
that was in response to the trouble someone was having finalizing a life changing event. the rough road has led her to a beautiful place.
knowing the difference between class, money, and education. and knowing that money cannot buy class or education, only a piece of paper saying you went to class.
that was in response to something someone did that was totally crass. a family situation. but glad that my children recognized the differences.

the final thought was
a willingness to recognize that a different beginning would not always guarantee a different ending
that is in response to the same trying situation/rough road my friend was/is traveling. and my reaction to it. i am finally smart enough to know that if my beginning had been different, i might still have had the same kind of difficulties in my life that i had growing up. wishing for a different family doesn't "fix" anything. and there is always the possibility that things might have been worse!

so, that's my blog for the day.

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