Thursday, April 1, 2010

another thought

i posted this in a forum, but figured i'd expand on it.

i think it takes a lot of growing to recognize where we are, where we've been, and where we want to be. not to mention how we want to get there or even if we can.

recognizing where we are. in life, love, and finances. not to mention health and happiness.

recognizing where we've been. many of us start life in one level (poverty, luxury, broken homes, battered homes, "perfect homes") - (i don't believe in those "perfect homes" by the way), or some other such. where did you come from. not just the place, but what kind of family or circumstance.

recognizing where we want to be. married. single. rich. retired. traveled. foot loose. with 30 grandkids. with a master's degree. in a job we love. doesn't matter. what matters is that it is where you want to be.

recognizing how we want to get there. marry for money. go to school. work overtime. have some kind of permanent birth control. again, how do you want to get where you want to be.

recognizing IF you can get there. i'll never be rich. but i have a job i love. i'll never retire, even though i used to say "when i retire". i know now i can't get there because i am not the retiring kind. i'll most likely never have my master's degree. mostly because i don't have the physical stamina needed to finish the classes. i'm ok with that.

for all of that, i'm happy. i know where i came from, where i've been. where i am now. where i want to be. and if i can get there.

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